Are Space Science and Astronomy the Same?

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1. Space Sciences: An Umbrella Term:

  • Explanation that "space sciences" is an umbrella term encompassing various fields related to space.
  • Comparison with the broader term "science," which includes multiple branches like chemistry, physics, and biology.

2. Astronomy: The Study of Celestial Objects:

  • Description of astronomy as one of the oldest sciences, focused on studying celestial objects, including stars and celestial bodies.

3. Astrophysics: Applying Physics to Space:

  • Introduction to astrophysics as a 19th-century field combining astronomy and physics to understand the properties and processes of celestial objects.

4. Cosmology: Studying the Universe as a Whole:

  • Explanation of cosmology as the scientific study of the universe, examining its origins, evolution, and large-scale properties.
  • Distinction between scientific cosmology and religious cosmology.

5. Planetary Science and Astrobiology:

  • Overview of planetary science, a newer field focused on studying planets, their processes, geology, and atmospheres.
  • Introduction to astrobiology, which explores the conditions for life's existence on other planets and the origins of life on Earth.