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Homeschool Astronomy

This 15-week asynchronous course explores the foundations of astronomy. We begin by examining what astronomy is and how we study the Universe, then move into studying our own solar system out to stars, black holes, galaxies, and even the largest structures of the Universe! 

You will learn about:

  • What Astronomy Is 
  • Telescopes and Light

  • Gravity and Orbits

  • Solar System

  • Earth-Moon System

  • Planets

  • Sub-Planetary Bodies

  • The Sun

  • Stars

  • Stellar Remnants

  • Exoplanets

  • Galaxies

  • Large Scale Structures

  • Cosmology

  • Future Exploration - New Frontiers 

Each week a new lesson will be released. Each lesson will include a recorded video (approximately 40 mins), the transcripts of the lecture, and an MP3 download of it, if you like to listen on the go. There will also be an optional quiz and suggested viewing/reading list.

Must be at least 13+ to use website. Younger learners may take the course with parental supervision.